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What's SALTO wireless
SALTO Wireless

Imagine being able to control all the doors in a building from one central location with just the click of a mouse. Imagine being able to monitor your access network, delete key cards and download audit trail information all in real-time.

Imagine being able to do all of this without wires. SALTO was the first company to develop electronic access control without the need for expensive hard wiring with our SALTO Virtual Network data on card technology.

Now, in response to market needs, we’re introducing the SALTO real-time battery powered wireless system.

How does it work?
SALTO wireless SALTO wireless system is an on-line real-time battery powered access control system that uses radio frequency technology to communicate in real-time with the central computer.

The wireless electronic escutcheonsWireless locks

Huge range of solutions for almost any kind of door Compatible with European, Scandinavian, ANSI or Australian mortise locks. For Panic bar doors, glass door
locks and even narrow profile doors.

The SALTO escutcheons are compatible with Mifare, Mifare plus, DESfire, DESfire EV1, Picopass, iClass and Skidata and NFC.So you can use existing RFID cards without reducing start up costs, and minimize system commissioning issues.

The SALTO escutcheon is intelligent and takes the decision to grant or deny access based on the users rights. The answer is immediate with no communication needed with the server or controllers, avoiding possible network problems and no emergency master key needed.

In  case of network failure, access is granted through SALTO Virtual Network technology without compromising security or the user’s access rights.

The gateway
wireless gateway
The gateway is the link between the PC and the wireless network (repeaters or/and wireless escutcheons). It gives real-time information to the PC.

Gateways are completely managed through SALTO Pro Access SQL or HAMS SQL software, it collects all the information sent by the repeaters and escutcheons that belong to the gateway.

One gateway can manage several wireless escutcheons and several repeaters making the wireless structure very flexible.

The repeaters

The repeater is a bridge between the gateway and other repeaters or escutcheons,
where the distance to the wireless repeaterescutcheon or where the number of escutcheons that
must be linked to the gateway exceeds what is possible with a single gateway.

Repeaters are completely managed through SALTO software, it collects all the information sent by the repeaters and escutcheons and send this information to the gateway.

One Repeater can manage several wireless escutcheons and several repeaters making the wireless structure very flexible through redundancy even if any of the other repeaters lose communication.

System benefits

 salto wireless benefits

  • The SALTO wireless system combines the efficiency of both on-line and off-line applications in a single system.
  • Real-time communication with state-of-the-art SALTO stand alone battery powered escutcheons simplifies security management and provides unrivalled levels of access control flexibility.
  • It uses AES128 bits encrypted radio frequency communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 at 2,4Ghz to transfer information from escutcheons to the PC through strategically located gateways or repeaters.
  • The wireless system is so efficient that battery power consumption is close to that of our standard battery powered electronic escutcheons.
  • Real time audit trail: View door access in real time without having to visit the door.
  • Real time door control: view door status in real time.
  • Real time battery control: Monitor battery maintenance by viewing the lock battery status in real time.
  • Key management: Resolved in real time as the locks receive cancelled key updates as soon as they are generated.
  • Any number of doors can be equipped with the SALTO wireless system at much lower cost than a conventional wired access control solution.
  • Gateways and repeaters act as antennas, collecting and sending information from the PC to the stand alone wireless locks. One gateway can manage several repeaters and electronic escutcheons, minimizing infrastructure costs and maximizing flexibility.
  • The SALTO wireless system is compatible with most common RFID technologies including Mifare/DESfire, Inside Picopass, Legic and HID iClass. This makes integration easy and in most cases you can continue using your existing cards for all your applications.
SALTO platform

SALTO wireless platformThe SALTO wireless system is completely integrated with the SALTO platform making it easy to customise to your exact needs and cost-effective to expand at a later date.

All SALTO escutcheons are also SVN (SALTO Virtual Network) compatible. So in the unlikely event that the RF connection is interrupted, SVN technology will enable the escutcheons to keep working normally, but off-line, without compromising security or control. And, there are no limits on access so all the cardholders in the system, however many there are, can continue to enjoy full access privileges while RF connection is re-established.

The SALTO wireless system is managed through stateof- the-art Pro Access or HAMS SQL software that can handle up to 64 000 users and 64 000 devices. It enables users to manage a complete wireless network and all existing SALTO off-line devices such as escutcheons and cylinders.

With a single click of a mouse you can configure or make changes to the network in real-time
as only the gateways and repeaters have to be set-up, the wireless electronic escutcheons will be configured automatically through their self-organizing capabilities.

You can then monitor the wireless network, download audit trail information from the wireless escutcheons for real time control, delete users remotely and securely, collect battery status of the RF escutcheons for maintenance and much more all from a single PC and all in real-time.

And thanks to its self-healing capabilities, if an escutcheon should lose RF connection at any time it will automatically scan for a new connection to an alternative gateway or repeater, restoring communication and maintaining security.

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